Top 13 drunk Whisper confessions after a night out

Top 13 drunk Whisper confessions after a night out

You probably know the app Whisper , if you don’t hen you’re missing out on some great and juicy stories! These stories are all from drunk people after a night out. And we’re pretty sure, just as we did, you’ll find them amazing.

1. It actually makes more sense than it should

arm ankle

2. We hope so too

cheese puff

3. What is fun? Let me spell it for you!

Spongebob FUN

4. Time to start drinking again

Woke up drunk

5.That’s what you call a stage appearance

puke on stage

6. The start of a beautiful friendship

Stranger drunk

7. At least he didn’t drunk dial his ex

unfaithful mom

8. We hear it’s great for untangling your hair

screwdriver comb

9. We wonder how that conversation went

Shower call

10. A match made in heaven

Drunk cupid

11. Another life lesson learned: flipflop’s don’t have laces

Shoe tie face plant

12. I think we can all agree cat snakes sounds way better

cat snakes

13. At least she got home safe

drunk gandalf
So hopefully next time you get drunk you’ve the Whisper app installed to share your drunk story with us. Don’t you feel like installing an app to confess?
No problem, add your confession to our list in the comments below!
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