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For life. For gigs.
Loop Experience
For life. For gigs.
Loop Experience

Designed to just take the edge off: high-fidelity hearing protection that lets you enjoy clear sounds and voices.

Discreet. Comfortable.  
Will never ruin your style. 

Loop Experience Helps You:
Loop Experience Helps You:

✔ Enjoy the music on your terms. 

✔ Talk to your friends.  

✔ Avoid that awful ear ringing.

“The music sounded awesome and no buzzing the next morning, even though I stayed in front of the sound system in the club for 4 hours”

Kim M.

Live the night


Hear music as it should sound, not just loudness.


Prevent ringing ears at the end of the night.


Look good, feel good. Pick your color and right fit for you.